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Equihandee Freedom
Equihandee Freedom
Equihandee Freedom
Equihandee Freedom
Equihandee Freedom

Equihandee Freedom

Pop Up Element
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    The Equihandee Freedom has been created for children with Autism/Sensory Needs or if you just fancy a little more cushioning. 

    The Freedom is fully adjustable and fits a 4 year old up to a 12 year old and comes in a very stylish red.

    The Equihandee Freedom is manufactured in the UK and weight tested to ensure your safety. 

    The Equihandee Freedom enables you to hold your child safely without being a contortionist, it also removes the need to for a ‘second helper’ whilst you lead the pony and hold your child. 

    Fitting instructions for the Equihandee Freedom

    • Lengthen each strap at the front by tilting the 2 front buckles outwards and pull
    • Slip the harness over each shoulder like a vest
    • Wrap the Neoprene Jacket around the body to fit snuggly
    • Clip both front buckles together ensuring they make a clicking sound
    • Hold the buckle in one hand and pull the end of the strap by the buckle to tighten snug to your body, repeat with second buckle
    • Make sure the loose ends of the straps are tucked into the strap retainers.

    ***Please be advised that we are unable to ship this product to the USA or Canada***


    Brand : Equihandee

    Weight : 0.9kg

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